The development and achievement of the objectives within the framework of this project will be applied in the management of coastal areas, specifically in Contingency Plans in port areas.Therefore, the agencies directly benefit from the results of the implementation of the project will be Port Authorities and different administrations with competence in the aquatic system management.

Expected scientific and technical contributions:

  • Development and validation of a methodology for estimating the environmental risk generated by oil in harbour areas.
  • Implementation of probabilistic oil transport models in the risk analysis of oil pollution in harbour areas.
  • User interface to display risk and impact maps.
  • Development of a methodological procedure to register information related to pollution events in harbour areas.

Expected benefits for the advancement of knowledge:

  • Obtaining a for high resolution temporal series of marine and atmospheric dynamics on the study area.
  • Estimating the environmental impact generated by oils in a high pressured area.
  • Estimating the impact caused by oils in marinas and fishing ports. Ecological succession processes.