Tool description:

Name: SPILL Tool

Developer: Environmental Hydraulics Institute of the University of Cantabria “IH Cantabria”


Year first available: 2015

Hardware required: ArcGIS 10.1 for Desktop system requirements

Software required: Python 2.4 or later; ArcGIS 10.1; FWTools (

ArcGIS extensions required: Spatial Analyst 10.1 ©1999-2012 Esri Inc.

Program languages: Python

Toolbox size: 191 KB


Download SPILL Tool

The file contains:

  • SPILL Tool.tbx: the ArcGIS SPILL Tool.
  • Scripts: a folder that contains the files that comprise the tool code:
  • Test: a folder that contains
    • test.mxd: an ArcGIS ArcMap document to be used to test the tool.
    • input.gdb: an ArcGIS  geodatabase with the necessary input data to be used to test the tool.
    • results: a folder  where test results are stored.

Download User guide